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Our team of board-certified medical geneticists, scientists and technicians provides a comprehensive genetic service including genetic counselling and molecular diagnosis for patients and their families with inherited disorders. Our diagnostic lab relies on cutting-edge technology, and we constantly implement the results from scientific progress and new technical developments into our practice. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics are at the core of our diagnostic service.

About the Senckenberg Centre

The Senckenberg Centre of Human Genetics has been founded in early 2017 in Frankfurt/Main. The name Senckenberg emphasises that we are proud to act in the tradition of the famous Frankfurt physician, Dr. Johann Christian Senckenberg, and his foundation he founded in the 18th century to improve the Frankfurt healthsystem. One of todays eleven institutes of the foundation is the Bürger­hospital. It was opened in 1779 and is  one of our co-operation partners.

Our clinical environment

We work in an outstanding clinical environment, in close collaboration with the Bürger­hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Clinic of Neonatology (together certified as Level 1 Centre), and the Clementine Children’s Hospital. Because many genetic disorders affect adult patients, our work is not limited to prenatal medicine and pediatrics. For example, one focus in our institute is on genetic impairment of hearing and vision. To these fields we have scientifically contributed to for many years and our expertise is therefore internationally renowned.

Apart from our local activities in the Frankfurt region, we offer our service on a national and international basis.

Through our highly qualified staff we maintain close connections to several medical universities that enable us to draw on expertise from other medical specialities if needed.

Our team

Our team of board-certified medical geneticists, scientists and technicians provides supports you with their experience.

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Prof. Hanno J. Bolz, M. D.

Director l Board-Certified Medical Geneticist

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. biol. hum. et med. habil. Ulrich Zechner

Head of Molecular Genetics l European registered Clinical Laboratory Geneticist (ErCL)

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Dieter Schäfer, M. D.

Senior Physician l Board-Certified Medical Geneticist l Board-Certified Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Scientific staff member
Dr. rer. nat. Anna Etzold
Master of Science Molecular Biosciences

Dr. rer. nat. Cornelia Blank
Diploma biologist

Technical Assistant
Manuel Gimmel
Ina Park

Medical Assistant
Sonja Kimmel
Andrea Politz

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No vacant jobs at the moment? Nevertheless, if you, your know-how and your ideas fit exactly to our team, do not hesitate to send an application to Prof. Hanno J. Bolz, M. D., director of our centre.

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